About Us

International center for law& intellectual property and arbitration (ICLIPA) has been founded in 2010 with the efforts of MR. Mohamed Hussein Abdel-Sadek who has been registered in the Egyptian Bar Association since 1995. And he is a member of Arab lawyers union (ALU), MR. Mohamed Hussein Abdel Sadek has a huge experience regarding legal field up to 24 years which qualifies him to occupy the forefront of law firms. Mr. Abdel-Sadek is considered to be one of the most prominent lawyers in the field of “intellectual property rights protection” and “Arbitration” in Egypt; he represented the largest international companies before various courts to protect their intellectual property right as well as preventing any violation of intellectual property rights for his clients. Mr. Mohamed won numerous judicial precedents in the previous matters before the Egyptian Courts; also he has an enormous collection of judgments in the fields of intellectual property and arbitration which is considered to be an important reference for any similar claim that may occur in the future. We possessed a large selection of specialist lawyers, who are able to find unconventional solutions to resolve all disputes with clients in different branches of law and that made the law firm occupy a strong position among the major law firms in Egypt. We started our business with a vision of satisfying our clients, not just by serving them, but also by establishing a large network with the most professional law firms, as well as specialized lawyers all over the world providing best legal services.

What makes us different?

Although there are many of famous law firms in Egypt besides our law firm, you may rely on ICLIPA for the following reasons:
  1. ICLIPA is a highly trusted, reputable and qualified law firm in Egypt.
  2. ICLIPA has a highly qualified and specialized team, with professionals who are able to find unconventional solutions to resolve all disputes in different branches of law.
  3. ICLIPA policies guarantee the quick and prompt reply to our clients within only 24 hours and no later than 48 hours.
  4. ICLIPA keeps the clients updated with the latest developments in every stage of their cases in due time.