The Egyptian law defines trademark as any sign distinguishing goods, whether products or services, and include in particular names represented in a distinctive manner, signatures, words, letters, numerals, designs, symbols, signposts, stamps, seals, drawings, engravings. In all cases, a trademark shall be a sign that is recognizable by sight.

The trademark plays an essential and important role for the individual companies economy, which distinguishes their products, services and goods and in order to protect the trademark under both civil and criminal in Egypt we shall only need the prior use of the trademark in the Egyptian market.

The trademark should to be registered in order to enjoy with the full protection including the criminal protection. The period of protection conferred by the registration of the mark is 10 years, renewable for an identical period or periods upon request of its owner and every time within the last year of the protection period

The necessary requirements to register a trademark in Egypt:

  1. A power of attorney duly legalized up to the Egyptian consulate, which should to be submitted within six months from the filing date.
  2. One clear print of the trademark for the registration of each required class.
  3. A certified copy of the company's commercial registry.
  4. A list that determines the products and services required to register on
  5. The company (applicant) name, the entity of the company and its address.
  6. A certified English version copy of the priority document (if any) in case it is in other language.

The Record of Assignment:

The requirements for record an assignment of the trademark are as follows:

  1. A legalized Copy of the deed of assignment from the assignor to the assignee from the Egyptian consulate.
  2. A legalized official copy for the assignee's company commercial registry from the Egyptian consulate.
  3. legalized Power Of Attorney from the Egyptian consulate.

Change name or address:

It must be filed an application for changing the name or address of the owner of trademark and the following documents must be submitted with it:

  1. Certified certificate explains the amended name of the applicant to the new name from chamber of commerce or companies house indicating the change of name or address and legalized up to the Egyptian consulate.
  2. A legalized Power Of Attorney by the new name of the owner of the trademark from the Egyptian consulate.

License agreement:

The necessary requirements for the registration of license agreement:

  1. Certified and legalized license Agreement signed by the licensor and the licensee - the trademark should be registered and valid - the agreement period should not be more than the validity of the trademark.
  2. A power of attorney legalized up to the Egyptian consulate.
  3. Certified and legalized certifies of incorporation.

Renewal of trademark:

The necessary requirements for the renewal

  1. A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate.
  2. The trademark dated (Name- Number- Class (Filing / Registration date).